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Summer Safety Tips for Kids on KidsHealth.org
Summer is fun for kids, as itís time for them to enjoy the beach with the family. But as a parent, this series of safety tips at KidsHealth.org can help you make sure your kids are safe. This includes how to choose and use sunscreen, how to prevent injuries on sports and other outdoor activities, and how to avoid them from heat illnesses, animal and inseWe ct bites. There are also travel safety tips, including how to choose the right child safety car seat and rules on how kids can be safe while you are driving, and many more.

Protecting Children from Secondhand Smoke
As a childcare provider, you play a critical role in the lives of the children in your care. An important part of that role can be protecting children from secondhand smoke. You can ensure them a smoke-free environment while in your care and can introduce information and actions that can be taken at home to reduce children's exposure. Creating and encouraging a smoke-free environment for children contributes to their safe and healthy development and overall well-being. This parent's guide by the Centers for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion has been developed to serve as a resource for reducing children's exposure to secondhand smoke in the home. Reducing children's exposure to secondhand smoke means changing the behavior of adults.

Train Your Dog for a New Baby
This is a helpful resource for families with pets who are soon expecting a baby. It talks about how bringing a newborn into a household with a dog demands for exclusive dog training. A behavior expert enlightens dog owners on possible ways to train their dogs, in the months leading up to the arrival of the baby, so they are baby-friendly. The site also gives handy leads to trainers for couples who are on the lookout for a professional trainer. Other resources include leads to books on childproofing dogs and preparing the household to have a harmonious dog-baby relationship.

Household Safety Checklist for Kids on KidsHealth.org
Your Home is considered as a safest place for your kids. However, there are cases where you are not aware of the potential danger. To help you out, KidsHealth.org made a series of household safety checklists for you. Each checklist contains questions that you should ask yourself so you can do some precautionary actions at home. For example, all your unused outlets covered with safety plugs? Are dressers secured to walls with drawers closed? Are all garbage cans securely covered? Is there a smoke alarm outside the bedroom? Do you always supervise your child around pets, especially dogs?

Food Safety on Kids World
This colorful and attractive website called Kids World is produced by the North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services. One of the major sections is Kids World - Food Safety. The entire site is oriented for children, and the food safety likewise has fun games, features and quizzes concerning food safety. There's a featured called Can you serve up a safe Barbecue? that creates a scenario of serving a barbecue meal for kids in which they have to answer a quiz of nine questions to teach them about food safety. There's also a page of Food Safety Facts that provide and reinforces the same nine essential lessons of the quiz. There's also a coloring book, and another quiz to test a kids knowledge of food safety, and then some links to other information on the Web on food safety—these links are for adults, not children.

Please visit the site: ChildSafetyResources.com.

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