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Organic Vegetable Gardening in Florida
This publication is by the University of Florida IFAS Extension and is a companion document to the Florida Vergetable Gardening Guide. Organic gardening differs from "conventional" gardening mainly in the areas of fertilization and pest control. The organic gardener prefers to use natural and organic materials and methods, and avoids using practices and synthetic chemicals that may be detrimental to his health or environment. Includes information about using compost piles and organic matter, animal manures, and more. Explains how much manure to use and from which animals to use it, as well as using shrub clippings, glass, pine straw, garbage, fish scraps and more into an organic compost pile. Natural and organic fertilizer section includes information about phosphorus, colloidal phosphate, potassium, potash, micronutrients, lime, and more to help grow your garden. Section about irrigation, mulching, week control, insect and disease control, organic gardening supplies, selling organic vegetables and more. Links to more information available and organic gardening supplies.

Organic Gardening: A Guide to Resources
Includes a brief history of organic gardening. This guide is intended for organic gardeners and those who want to be organic gardeners. It may also be useful for small-scale organic farmers and those interested in the organic movement in general. Several research databases and online references have been used to collect the information for this publication. Sections include organic gardening resources, garden design, organic production techniques, soil fertility and composting, growing organic food, ornamental plants and flowers, pest weed and disease control and organic lifestyles.

Organic Gardening from Bald Mountain Press
Organic gardening information includes an organic gardening blog. The store includes organic kelp plant booster, plant growth activators, herb garden kits, and spinning composters. Includes organic gardening books and a section about organic gardening facts. An organic gardening question and answer archive is a helpful tool, which discusses leaching, composting, growing flowers, organic lawns, mulching, composting, greenhouse equipment, planting dates, succession planning and more.

The Organic Gardener
The Organic Gardener is a site the includes a plethora of information on topics of importance to organic gardeners, such as organic fruit growing, rootstocks, organic gardening, using mulch, crop rotation, organic fertilizer, weed control, garden pests, sustainable gardening, tea organic fertilizers, and more. Site includes gardening articles about hedge trimmers, other power tools, tool shed, garden cleaning, soil testing, lawn guides, a garden flower guide, gardening maps, insects, lawn mowers and garden tractors, and more. The site also has an organic garden blog, a gardening book list, and gift ideas for earth friendly people.


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