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How to Start an Organic Garden in 9 Easy Steps
This article in Good Housekeeping aims to show you how to roll up your sleeves and grow your own delicious, healthful organic food in nine steps. They include: preparing the soil, making good compost, choosing the right plants, planting crops in wide beds, proper watering, weeding, protecting plants without toxic pesticides, harvesting, and cleanup. With the soil, it's important to test it, and to make sure it has plenty of humus, the organic matter. Composting is helpful and free, and this article tells you how to create and maintain a compost pile at least three-feet square. It really pays off to select plants that threive in your specific micro-conditions; a good source is the USDA's Hardiness Zones as well as your local farmers' market.

Organic Garden Tips for Beginners on MarthaStewart.com
If you a beginner in organic gardening, check this beginner's guide at MarthaStewart.com. Here, you will learn the step-by-step procedure to have an organic garden. First, this article will teach you how to choose the right area. Second, you will have an idea on how to plant seedlings the right way and make them grow. This includes how to reduce the risk of garden pests and how to attract beneficial insects. The last part gives suggestions on how to water the plants, and how to harvest them. As added information, there are links to different resources that are on the same website.

Organic Information
Toxic chemistry is not the answer to gardening or living. Organic or natural gardening and living is the answer. If you would like to change, this site can help. You and your family can garden, work, play and live with natural organic techniques to have better gardening, better landscaping, better health, more money and more enjoyment of life. Learn about organic tree care, soil building, non-toxic pest control and health in the following pages. Includes a thorough information center covering the following topics: agri gro, adapted trees, algae, organic fertilizers, incandescent lights, insect control, stump removal, water saving ideas, weeds, grow lights, and more. A discussion forum includes sections on gardening and landscaping, growing fruits, greenhouse equipment, composting, pets and disease, organic farming ornamentals, trees, organic living and lawn care. Home to the Texas Organic Research center, which encourages composting and the use of organic fertilizers.

Organically Grown Plants for Pets
This extremely unique and informative site offers container plants that offer enrichment of your pets and neighboring wildlife. This company has been growing plants for private owners and zoos for almost 10 years now. You can learn more about exotic plants which are safe for animals by checking out this site. First-hand growing tips and other information will be added on a monthly basis. Site sections include featured plant, articles, tropical plants, toxic plants, and useful links.

Please visit the site: OrganicGardening.com.

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