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Lighting Design Samples

16 Ideas for Great Home Lighting
Sunset, a publisher of home design, home decoration and do-it-yourself books presents an illustrates slideshow article on 16 ideas for home lighting. Here are some examples: take a plain old table lamp and change its shade to something pre-printed with a pattern, or stencil one onto a solid shade. Light up dark corners by placing table lamps in unusual places, adding ambiance to the room. Add shimmer in unusual places, such as adding a dramatic chandelier to a kitchen/dining space. Light and divide, e.g., in a great room, a cluster of glass lights agove the kitchen island sets off the space from the living room. Pair ornate with mod, e.g., in a living room, a pair of lamps in a traditional shape look whimsical because of their bright citron color.

Lighting News and Articles from Louie Lighting
Here are some examples: Lighting for living spaces such as living rooms, dens and bedrooms can actually be more difficult to design than lighting for task areas such as kitchens and home offices. The lighting must be flexible for the many and varied activities in these rooms. These elements are usually at the perimeter of the room, on or adjacent to the wall. Accent lighting is best accomplished with spotlights (low voltage halogen is a good energy-efficient choice), or wall washing (large lamp fluorescent strips are good for even lighting of large areas). Track or recessed lighting are good choices for spotlighting individual pieces of artwork or points of great interest. Bookshelves, very large wall art (quilts, murals, etc.) or collections (groups of small objects with equal import) are best lit with wall washers. These can take the form of recessed cans or track, but a better choice may be to use architectural fixtures. A luminous soffit or a valance can be built to hold fluorescent strips to provide uniform wall lighting. Don't forget to light 'floating' furniture like coffee tables, as these provide a nice focal point for seating areas. Site also features information on ceiling fans, seasonal affective disorder and track lighting.

A Comprehensive Guide on Bedroom Lighting on ElleDecor.com
Ideally, bedrooms should be dark. But for some people, they prefer to have more lights in it. If you’re one of them, this comprehensive guide provide by the American Lighting Association on ElleDecor.com is a great help. First, directed lighting is needed if you will read, sew, or use a computer inside your bedroom. It is recommended to have shorter or flush-mounted fixtures instead of those with longer bodies. However, you should never install lights directly over the bed because you are likely to look at once you lay on your bed. On the latter part, there is a short checklist to make sure your bedroom will have proper lighting.

Let Better Homes & Gardens Help You Light Up Your Life
Lighting is so important to creating the correct mood for any room, any home. This helpful article from Better Homes & Gardens discusses the latest trends in home lighting and the best ways to achieve them. The article contends that the latest trends are focused less on the aesthetics of fixtures and more on how they function. There's a discussion of general Lighting and the best ways to achieve a general overall brightness to any room, but most especially the kitchen, through a combination of lighting sources including a central ceiling mounted feature, properly spaced can lighting, and recessed spotlights around the perimeter of the kitchen. Task lighting, especially as it refers to the kitchen, is best achieved, according to this article, through a combination of ceiling or wall mounted fixtures, under-cabinet lighting, and small sized fluorescent bulbs and halogen track lights. Accent lighting can be used to spotlight a kitchen's best feature and is best achieved through a mixture of track lights, wall mounted lights, and recessed lights which are brighter than the general lighting. The use of a dimmer can add mood. The article is rounded out with a helpful discussion of bulb types, including incandescent, fluorescent, and tungsten-halogen.

Outdoor Garden Lighting
Information about outdoor garden lighting techniques is detailed in this collection of garden lighting tips by Lighting for Gardens in the UK . Includes how to set a scene featuring cross lighting, shadowing, silhouetting, path lighting, up-lighting, spread-lighting, accent and spotlighting. Descriptions of various landscapes give visitors ideas about what type of garden lighting to select. There are some very technical arbles, such as choosing transformer size or cabling for various lights, and then also some more general topics like uplighting large trees and creative lighting design.

Please visit the site: BetterLightingDesign.com.

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