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Inside a Rug-Maker's Studio
This is a homepage for Tiques to show off her talents. She has taken a keen interest in rug hooking using hand dyed wool. She creates original patterns and only the best of materials. You can see some of her designs, and also peruse links of other interest to rug hookers. In addition, enjoy photographs of her studio and more. From simple designs and landscapes, this website provides rug making ideas and patterns.

Pearl K. McGown Hookcrafters
This is the website of the National Guild of the Pearl McGown Rug Hookrafters for fans of rug hooking. It features links to the stores that sell supplies for rug hooking, and everything you will need for fine and primitive crafting. You will also find links to the McGown guilds and schools around the world. You can find teacher in this lost art and contact them by phone or e-mail address. By having the McGown certification you are assured that their expertise is proven. A section for meetings, services, photographs and more history is included, making this a site chock full of time-tested rug-making information.

Fredericksburg Rugs
Fredericksburg Rugs offers a wide selection of rug hooking kits and patterns, books and other resources. The site also features information about the bed and breakfast log cabin, as well as rug retreats and rug classes. Hand-dyed wool, wool textures, bolt wool yardage, and recycled Pendleton shirts for rug hooking, penny rug, or quilting are also available.

Rag Rugs by Louisa and Lewis Creed
Rag Rug making is a very personal experience for Louisa and Lewis Creed. This team eats, sleeps and dreams rag rugs. Click on LOUISA and read a fascinating article about how she goes about designing and making one of her rag rug masterpieces. For Louisa there is virtually no difference between making a rag rug and painting a rag rug. For her, bits and pieces of rags and cloth are the same thing that paints are to a painter. And when you see her completed works of art you will agree that her rag rugs are as close as anyone's every likely to come to painting with rags. There is also a profile of Lewis Creed, who came to rag rug making later than he wife, Louisa, but who is already exhibiting his works in many venues. The many photos of the Creed's rag rugs are an inspiration to anyone who is thinking of starting this ancient craft.

Free Crochet Rug Patterns
Instead of purchasing hooked rug patterns, you can find some here that you may enjoy. There are not many patterns available over the Internet, so this is a good choice for beginners looking to take on a project. There are some patterns for rag rugs, accent rugs, circular crochet, chain medallion, door mat, floral round rug, hearth rug, natural stripes, oval rug, rug with ridges, a rustic rug, and more. Some are perfect for the seasons. In addition, be sure to visit links about the art or rug hooking, felting your wool, making wool strips and finding a rug-hooking group in your area.


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