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Home Design: Small Improvements to Make Your Home Senior-Ready
From AARP comes this extremely useful section on how to improve your home and get it ready for when you become a senior citizen. For current elders, here are some great ways to make your house easier to live in, and to add value to it. It includes low-cost ideas for improving the safety and comfortability of your home, as well as a bathroom checklist and ways to improve the lighting in your home. Do you have a physical disability? There are plenty of home design solutions for elders to improve their homes and make them safer. Interested in building a ramp? Give your builder these guidelines to make your home senior-ready.

Senior Health and Nutrition Over 60
A Healthy Me is a site from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. It has a section for seniors that features daily highlights pertaining to elder health and living longer and well. It cover topics such as nutrition, staying fit, preventative health, safety, using mediations, living far from grandchildren, active aging and more. Fitness and nutritional information for seniors is also offered, as well as information about how to start an exercise program. There are quizes on arthritis, hearing and late-life depression. A section on Alzheimerís disease offers the latest on Alzheimerís disease-related news, as well as how to care for someone with Alzheimerís disease. A section on emotional health after the age of 60, as well as information on home safety for seniors and elder sexuality.

Elder Travel Sites: Adventures to Expeditions
Want to save money with elderly travel discounts, but donít want to get caught in the web of the Web? This site features the best elder travel websites reviewed by senior travel editor Alison Gardner. She recommends sites such as 50plusexpeditions.com, which feature adventure travel for people over 50. Those trips take you off the beaten path and feature small group tours across the globe. She also enjoyed ElderTreks.com, which features similar land journeys for seniors that focus on culture and nature, such as wildlife safaris and historical explorations. An easy to navigate website with valuable travel information.

Lighting the Home for Seniors
This article discusses how aging adults can enjoy their homes more during retirement. Knowing that aging eyes need a better kind of light and more of it to be comfortable, remodeling the lighting in your home improves comfort threefold, it says. Lighting affects everything, and many elders are using lighting to improve comfort and provide more energy efficiency. This discusses various types of lighting that are better for seniors. If you want to do some at-home projects to improve the value and comfort of your home, this article will give you all you need to know about good lighting for the elderly.

Elder Travel: Tips for a Smooth Ride
Join the senior travel editor as she explores the fun and how-toís of elderly travel. She includes tips for traveling seniors on topics such as how they can travel with pets, taking to the road with RVs, traveling alone as an elder, safe travel tips, and more. You can check out blog posts and more on this useful site. Other article topics include senior health and planning elder care. Mostly, youíll get some useful tips if you are a senior traveling, or a caretaker planning on traveling with an elderly citizen.


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