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Consider an Outdoor Gel Fireplace for Your Home Choose
An outdoor gel fireplace has a lot going for it as a decorative feature for your home. They don't require any venting and the homeowner doesn't need to deal with cutting or stacking wood, as is the case with a traditional fireplace. This smoke-free choice can be used by apartment dwellers as well as homeowners with any size back yard.

Need Roof Repair Help? Get Tips from This Old House
This Old House tackles roof repair and explains the process involved in fixing roof tiles that have become damaged over time. The site shares information about when to perform a repair as opposed to a replacement. Find out about swapping shingles, how to fix curled corners and repair cracked shingles. A video covering the steps needed to reshingle a roof is also provided.

Safety Tips For Kitchen Home Improvement Projects From IWantANewKitchen.com
This site is a great resource for anyone in the architecture, engineering or design phase of a kitchen homebuilding or improvement project. It offers several key safety considerations for appliance placement, GFCI outlets, and clearances. There are also links to many major aspects of home construction, including insurance information, the bid process, contracts, financing options and preparing an improvement project budget.

Designing a Patio Around a Firepit
An outdoor firepit is a natural focal point to an outdoor space, and planning its location requires careful consideration. Find out why the fire pit should be placed away from the eating area of your patio. Information about poor firepit placement has also been provided, along with information about why setting up an opposing feature is a good choice for your backyard space and suggestions for choosing a material for your firepits. Be sure to check out the beautiful firepit images here, too!

Interested in "Green" Certification? City of Irvine's Qualifications Document Defines Criteria
Architects, contractors and building owners interested in "green" certification can get a heads up on this site, which details the City of Irvine's program qualifications. This is an excellent resource to use as a reference when developing a green certification program or assessing your own level of energy efficiency and/or your property's environmental impact. There are separate grading sections for Site and Landscape; Foundation, Frame and Roofing; Plumbing; Lighting and Appliances; HVAC; Energy Performance; Renewable Energy; Indoor Environmental Quality ; Education, Awareness and Operations; and Resource Efficient Materials.

Logs Don't Equal Bugs—Keep Them Out Of Your Log Home
Log home construction is a popular alternative to traditional new home architecture and design, and there are a number of online resources for any interested homeowner— such as this site from the Georgia Forestry Commission. Here you'll discover that bugs aren't necessarily part of the natural territory when considering log home construction. There are steps homeowners can take to prevent a pest infestation and potential decay, and information on the different techniques currently being used to treat wood. The site also includes a "who's who" of the bug community, complete with photos, information that should be general knowledge for anyone considering log home construction.

Use These Track Lighting Installation Tips From Popular Mechanics
Looking to highlight a piece of art or brighten up a dark corner? Track lighting is a premium option for improving the overall appearance of a room and can be installed at any time—on its own or as part of a larger home improvement project or remodel. This article gives step-by-step instructions, complete with photo illustrations, to assist you in the installation process. Before you know it, you'll flip the switch and enjoy a home improvement success!


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