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Pick Function Over Fashion In Bathroom Remodeling Design
Bathroom remodeling is not an inexpensive proposition, so take the time to do it right—when designing your new bathroom on paper, take advantage of seven useful tips from author and architect Arrol Gellner on SFGate.com. The advice is both practical and imaginative, from staying away from hard to clean plumbing fixtures to daring to actually relocate toilets, sinks and bathtubs to improve overall layout and functionality. There's also tips on how to enlarge your bathroom space without actually knocking down walls (Hint: Think mirrors!)

Home Construction Blog Offers Great Home Improvement Suggestions For Any Skill Level
Hit this site in the blogosphere for the latest advice on home construction and improvement projects. Blogger Todd Fratzel, P.E., is a building superintendent and structural engineer and offers a number of very useful tips about home building and renovation projects, and includes great advice—such as how to save money on a new home buy purchasing an unfinished starter home.

Finish That Basement Floor With Tips From The House Doctor
"House Doctor" Gary Dymski can solve your basement floor dilemmas with this article on how to properly finish flooring. He offers tips on masonry paints, laminate flooring and links to installation instructions for products such as Pergo, Formica and WilsonArt flooring. He also gives advice on using a basement as a living space, suggesting the installation of a good ventilation system to prevent mold and mildew.

How Roofing Companies Get Licensed
This helpful article from Ehow.com explains the process involved in acquiring a roofing license. Roofing companies working on residential projects are required to complete the steps involved in a number of states, including completing construction courses, arranging for liability coverage and writing a licensing exam are covered. In some states, roofing companies are also required to post a bond before the license can be issued.

How to Build Gas Fire Pits
If you are looking for simple, step-by-step instructions for building a fire pit, you can find the basics posted here. With outdoor fire pits, it is important to select the optimal location. Once the location has been chosen, a visit to a home improvement store is in order. The other steps in the process, which include digging the pit itself, placing brick or stones around the pit and installing a cooking grate are also mentioned. Don't forget to add the lava rocks or stones into the fire pits before using it!

Like To Listen? Easy2DIY Offers An Audio Tutorial On Recessed Lighting Installation
If you're the type that would rather listen than read, Easy2DIY offers an excellent audio/visual tutorial on the installation of recessed lighting. The site includes information on creating your shopping list prior to starting your improvement project, an overview of recessed lighting to determine what you need and how to prepare for it. If you've never installed lighting before, the video presentation on this site is a great way to "see it before you do it." They show how how to locate wall studs, mark and cut the holes, and install mounting hardware. You'll even be able to determine, based on your skill level, how long it will be before you're out of the dark and bathed in soft light!

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