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8 Reasons to Invest in Miami Real Estate Today
The Midtown Miami Magazine article dated December 2015 indicates that Miami is one of the hottest real estate investment destinations, along with New York and London. Miami Dade county has managed to acquire 21000 residents between 2013 and 2014.The distinct advantages that Miami has over the other two global cities are rising popularity of Miami Dade county, meteoric growth of the city as a metro, gorgeous all-year weather and sunny beaches, relatively low cost of living, no state income tax, homes protected from creditors by state, rising home prices since 2011, and preferred choice of celebrities.

The Lies, Cover-Ups and Half-Truths About Investing in Real Estate
This Observer magazine article dated May 2016 attempts to dispel the myths surrounding real estate investments, especially a home purchase. The author states that while rental homes require fixed expenses every month, the purchased home can cost significantly higher every month by way of insurance, taxes, and repair and upkeep. Also, a home mortgage is usually higher than rent, providing little benefit for many years till it gets paid off. According to this author, real estate is an overrated investment with mediocre returns. Lastly, mortgages really do not save taxes as you would never be paying those taxes on the first place if you never owned that home.

Compelling Reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate
Prime Locations in this article instructs the real estate investor community that in commercial real estates, the wealth can be accumulated in two ways, one through direct rental cash flow, and the other, through equity build up. The third option is to invest in a commercial property that returns both cash flow and equity. The author compares return from commercial real estate vs. returns from stocks or bonds, and argues that stocks and bonds do not generate any cash flow per se, and can actually produce negative returns if not invested wisely. Whereas in case of commercial real estate, rental income generates steady cash flow at low risk, and can also help build equity through different investment instruments.

Hotel Investors Dive Back into Spain
Dated April 2014, the article that appeared on Hotel News Now narrates the tale of investors heading to Spain for lucrative investments in hotels. Barcelona and Madrid have become the new tourism hot spots, after London and Paris. In 2013, investments in the Spanish hotel sector soared to 791 Million, close to 50 percent increase on the 2012 investment figures. Barcelona and Madrid have remained the top investment destinations since 2013, where most investment money went to 5-star hotels and other high-end properties. The overseas investors who have lately shown a lot of interest in the Spanish hospitality market are Middle Eastern and Asian nationals, some U.S. and Asian investment funds, and international brands.

Real Estate Investing 101
Teresa Brooke is a national-level speaker, trainer, and consultant. Her courseware titled Real Estate Investing 101 is all about getting financial house in order for a real estate investor. This simple yet insightful presentation can teach both novice and experienced real estate investors about managing their personal finances. Real investments need careful personal finance planning as ROIs on investments can fluctuate to a great degree from expected estimates. This simple course teaches how to track income and expenses, how to use a spreadsheet, and how to create an annual financial report card to assess annual financial performance. This course is available for download.

Where to Invest in a Spanish Holiday Rental
As one of the top vacation destinations in this world, Spain has a growing need for holiday rentals, which are basically residential and commercial properties let out for temporary time periods throughout the year. As property prices have either fallen or maintained a status quo, especially in Barcelona or Marbella, these locations will continue to attract tourism traffic for low-cost, rental vacation homes. The availability of affordable vacation homes makes Spain an unparalleled tourism spot for worldwide tourists who enjoy the living comforts of a private space over standard hotel rooms, read this Spain Holiday article for more information on this topic.

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