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Everything You Should Know About Calcium and Your Bones on HelpGuide.org
If you are curious on how calcium helps your bones go stronger, this article at HelpGuide.org contains everything you should know. Here, you will know how much calcium you need depending on your age. You can also see the list of foods that are great sources of calcium and the calcium content in food. On the other hand, there is a list of potential downsides and reminders when consuming milk and dairy products. If you don't like milk, there are tips on how you can still get calcium from other foods such as vegetables. The last part explains some valuable information about calcium supplements and vitamin pills.

Calcium Fact Sheet for Health Professionals
Calcium can be found plentiful in the teeth. The bones also serve as a reservoir for calcium, which is used for various body processes such as muscle function, nerve transmission, vascular contraction and vasodilation and hormonal secretion. This fact sheet discusses the recommended calcium intakes for various age groups, as well as good calcium food sources and the percent daily values of these food sources per serving. The fact sheet also discusses calcium supplements, as well as the presence of calcium in some medicines such as antacids. Groups that are at risk for calcium deficiency are also discussed in this resource.

Calcium in Diet from MedlinePlus
Calcium is critical not just for building strong bones and teeth but also for blood clotting, the transmission of nerve signals, the release of hormones, and muscle contraction and relaxation. This resource from MedlinePlus lists food sources that are rich in calcium and how one can get adequate calcium from diet. It also discusses calcium supplements such as calcium citrate and calcium carbonate. The resource also mentions the effects of having too much or too little calcium in the body. One can also find the calcium recommended dietary allowance or RDA and the adequate index or AI for different age groups.

Calcium and Osteoporosis: The Basics on Your Bones
Because bone structure is made up of calcium and phosphorus, it's important to replenish the calcium we lose everyday. This article discusses bone architecture and osteoporosis. It notes that two to four percent of a person's skeleton is dissolved and rebuilt annually, so taking a calcium supplement or eating calcium rich foods is vital for optimal health. Although hormones can influence calcium levels, it's important to realize the benefits of calcium supplements and take them in addition to eating a healthy diet.

10 Wonderful Benefits Of Calcium
Calcium is essential for bone and dental health at all ages. This is why an adequate supply of calcium in the body is important. However, calcium deficiency is on the rise, bringing forth conditions such as rickets in children and osteoporosis in adults. This article mentions some calcium food sources and details the benefits of calcium. Aside from promoting the growth of bones and strengthening teeth and gums, calcium also aids in weight management, protects the heart muscles, prevents cancer of the colon, lessens premenstrual syndrome symptoms, prevents the formation of kidney stones, helps maintain a healthy pH level, controls blood pressure, an ensures the movement of nutrients across the cells.

Osteoporosis and Calcium and Magnesium
There are many kinds of calcium supplements, from coral calcium to calcium magnesium supplements. So this doctor includes information about the types of calcium supplements and their benefits. The doctor recommends chelated forms calcium supplements (calcium citrate, calcium lactate, or calcium gluconate) because it is the easiest form for most people to absorb. Most people should have 1000mg to 1500 mg of calcium everyday. The doctor also features lists of calcium rich foods that will help you get more calcium everyday - and it's always good to eat foods high in calcium.

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