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The Role of Calcium on Lowering High Blood Pressure
If you are experiencing high blood pressure, calcium can help you lower it. According to dietitian Lisa Nelson on her article on HealthCentral.com, researchers found out that people who drink hard water had less high blood pressure than those who drink soft water. It is known that hard water contains more calcium and other minerals, as compared to soft water. In another research, calcium supplements were also noted to have lowered high blood pressure. However, it is not suggested to rely on supplements alone. Instead, eat more foods with calcium such as low fat milk, cheese, and yogurt. The last part of the article explains the details of the current RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) for calcium and vitamin D.

Calcium Information and Bone Health Tips
To avoid weak bones, they need continuous maintenance. To start with, you need to supplement your diet with calcium, and this article offers tons of information about calcium and some bone health tips for you. Here, you can find a list of foods that are labeled as excellent sources of calcium. But because milk alone is not enough, there are some recommendations on how to mix milk with food. for more details, you can ask help from a registered dietitian. You can also take calcium supplements and do some weight-bearing activities.

Preventing Kidney Stones: Are Calcium Rich Foods and Calcium Supplements OK?
To prevent kidney stones, this site recommends increasing fluids, restricting sodium and reducing protein intake. It doesn't say anything about limiting calcium food sources or not taking calcium supplements. In fact, it also cites that it is a well-known fact that eating foods high in calcium can actually protect against many cases of calcium oxalate stones. This is good news because so many foods contain calcium nutrition and these foods with calcium are also staples in many peoples' diets.

Calcium and High Blood Pressure: Can Calcium Nutrition Lower It?
This web site discusses whether eating calcium rich foods or taking calcium supplements can help to lower blood pressure. It says many Americans do not eat foods rich in calcium, and the symptoms of calcium nutrition deficiency are not immediately noted as the body breaks down calcium. But over time, the benefits of calcium supplements are evident for those who take calcium supplements - their bones are stronger and they are overall healthier. Calcium magnesium supplements are also recommended, as well as calcium and Vitamin D, for better absorption.

The Magnesium-Calcium Connection in Fighting Osteoporosis
If you thought that taking calcium supplements and eating calcium rich foods was the only way to fight osteoporosis, consider calcium magnesium supplements. Magnesium is just as vital, along with Manganese, Zinc, Boron, Vitamin D, Strontium and Copper. This site explains about complete calcium supplements and the benefits of calcium supplements. It's not that hard to fit the recommended intake into your diet, both by taking calcium supplements and eating foods high in calcium.

Food Sources for Calcium: The Vegan Way
If you are looking for calcium rich foods for a vegan diet, this website provides information about tofu and other sources of calcium nutrition. The site explains that many people think calcium only comes in cow's milk but you can get outstanding calcium nutrition in this list of calcium rich foods: calcium-fortified soy milk and juice, calcium-set tofu, soybeans and soynuts, bok choy, broccoli, collards, Chinese cabbage, kale, mustard greens, and okra. Read on to learn about how much calcium nutrition adults need.

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