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Lower High Blood Pressure with Calcium
This information is from High Blood Pressure Connection that discusses a new study that finds calcium nutrition may do double duty in middle age, building bone strength while helping prevent weight gain. Eating calcium rich foods can prevent weight gain and maintain weight.

Calcium and Kidney Stones: What You Should Know
While it is vital to eat calcium rich foods, some people have to watch their calcium nutrition intake. Calcium that is not absorbed in the body goes to the kidneys. But for people whose kidneys do not flush out the excess calcium, it can form a painful stone that is excruciating to pass. Eating foods rich in calcium is important; but for those with this condition, calcium and kidney stones can go hand-in-hand.

What You Need to Know About Calcium Supplements
Although many people know why calcium nutrition is important, and know the benefits of calcium supplements, it's sometimes hard to know what to look for in a calcium supplement and especially in children's calcium supplements. This article aims to give readers information they need to make smart calcium nutrition decisions. Calcium exists in nature only in combination with other substances, known as compounds. Several calcium nutrition compounds are used in calcium supplements and children's calcium supplements, such as calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and calcium citrate. These compounds contain different amounts of actual calcium nutrition, so it's important to read labels. It lists purity, tolerance, calcium interactions and absorbability as other aspects to consider when choosing a calcium supplement.

The World's Healthiest Foods Take on Calcium
This resource by George Mateljan, creator of Health Valley Foods and founder of The World's Healthiest Foods, provides a wealth of information about calcium. The mineral is an essential nutrient for many body processes such as muscle control, nerve function, and regulation of pH balance in the blood. While dairy is the most common source of calcium, calcium can also be found in other foods such as sardines, steamed collards, spinach, and tofu. One will find in this article how these foods compare to dairy in terms of calcium content. It also explains in detail how calcium helps keep the body healthy and provides a list of the healthiest foods ranked according to their calcium content per serving.

8 Fast Facts About Calcium You Should Know
You know that calcium is essential for the health of teeth and bones, but that is not all there is to calcium. In this article, you will read about eight facts you probably did not know about the nutrient. One of these facts states that calcium is important for many body functions, not just for growing bones and strengthening teeth. Some of these functions include blood circulation, hormone secretion, and the carrying of messages from the brain to the different parts of the body. The article also states that the human body does not produce calcium, so your diet must include foods that are rich in calcium, such as dark green vegetables, sardines, and white beans, among others.

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